The App

Zara AR

Retail use case of augmented reality to present the new collection.

Thanks to this application, Zara invites its customers to visit the 120 participating stores to attend an augmented reality parade. The windows have been redone for the occasion, they now only contain a huge black on white marker that you have to point with your smartphone to see the 3D models appearing on parade to present the latest Zara collection.

No less than 12 sequences were shot to give an overview of the new collection. Depending on the sequence played, a button is displayed to allow direct purchase of the item worn by the model via the Zara app.

These sequences are based on videogrammetry technologies which reconstitute the mannequins into 3D models thanks to the various video captures made.

ClientHolooh, for ZaraDateApril, 2018ServicesDevelopment, IntegrationTechnologiesUnity, iOS, Vuforia, Mimesys