About us

Our Vision

We are all passionate about video games. And what we love about it is that the player is often at the center of the universe. It’s all about interactions and how you can have impact on this virtual world.

We want to bring our knowledge in that area to our client projects. We believe that putting some quality interactions and gamification mechanics in digital products is the best way to build a strong link between the users and your product.

Our “work for hire” activity is how we fund our own productions (games/applications), that’s why we can be considered as independant. We can think outside the box without any constraint.

Work For Hire

The studio has a large panel of skills in the creative multimedia area. We are able to help you from conception to development of your application project. Technical consulting is part of our missions.

Our main field of expertise is interactive experiences, which can be virtual reality or not, because we can transpose what we know about video games conception in those experiences.

We are also experimented in native mobile applications development (Android, iOS), go check our Client Works to have a sample of what we can do for our customers.

Our typology of clients can vary up from start-ups to big brands and we always consider your project as unique.

Our Partners

There’s strength in numbers, we are part of several associations and collectives. We love to work with others on bigger projects, and sometimes in co-production.

We are a member of Mozart & Co, an audiovisual centre in Bordeaux. We work with sound and image professionals everyday and foster strong bounds between cinema and video games worlds.

Our Tools

Games and Experiences

Research and innovation

Target platforms

VR Headsets

Backoffice & Webservices

The Team

We are experimented engineers with strong R&D affinity, always looking for innovations and technological challenges. We are also multi-skilled artists, keen on cinema, music and video-games, with eclectic references.
Gautier Ciaudo
Gautier Ciaudo Co-CEO, Software engineer
Gautier Ciaudo Co-CEO, Software engineer With his strong experience in the video game industry and research institutes, he always gets to the bottom of things. He mixes his technical skills and artistic culture and makes the bridge between it.
Thomas Sebire
Thomas Sebire Co-CEO, Software engineer
Thomas Sebire Co-CEO, Software engineer Thomas is working on various fields like UX design, data processing, IOT, and software development. Leap between topics is his way of life.
Bob Polito
Bob Polito 3D Artist
Bob Polito 3D Artist Modeling, animation, texturing, character design: nothing resists to his endless curiosity. With his various references, Bob always know where to find his inspirations to create vibrant graphic universes.


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