Indie Game Studio
Our daily challenge is to think out of the box , without any constraint, to find innovative gameplay and concepts. This is what we do to make our games unique.
VR Specialist
Our work in VR gaming field makes us part of the interactive virtual reality pioneers. If you’re looking for partners to build an immersive experience with quality interactions, contact us!
Digital Partner
We mix creativity and technical skills in your projects to build a strong link between the users and your digital product. From mobile applications to interactive experiences, our expertise is at your service.

What is Glitchr?

We are a team composed of multimedia engineers and multi-skilled artists.

With self-funding as survival mode, we farm gold by crafting applications/interactive experiences for digital agencies and awesome brands.

Each day, we test our Unity, Android, iOS, VR skills to level up.
As the Internet is our culture, we glitch with no doubt to think outside the box.

Pro tip – You have to pronounce Glitchr Studio like this:

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Our Services

  • Interactive Experiences Conception and Development (VR, digital installations…)
  • Gamification, add some user objectives to your digital product to improve retention (daily quests, XP system, rewards…)
  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Technical Consulting on various technologies (Unity, VR, mobile optimizations…)
  • Facebook Games Conception and Development

How do we work?

With its multiple activities, the studio balances its time to make this work.

Game Development

Client Projects


Rekt on Overwatch

We are VR early adopters

The studio strongly believes in the immersive potential of Virtual Reality for B2B experiences and entertainment.

Premium content maker

We have worked hard on our first VR game: Sky Sanctuary. This game designed in the first place for the HTC Vive headset has been distinguished as a premium experience.

With its quality interactions and its polished environment, Sky Sanctuary has been nominated and awarded in several events: VR Connects London 2017, Laval Virtual 2017.

Today, we want to make our strong knowledge in this area, available to our clients. Let’s create immersive experiences together.

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