Perception Marker Scan 2
Perception Marker Scan 3

Infra Perception

Development and integration of an augmented reality application for the Biborg Infra event.

Biborg agency and its Lab has organized an event about reality hack. The event has introduced 3 interactive experiences:
Anti-selfie: augmented reality application that transforms the user into forms and abstract sounds according to his movements.
Materials: interactive video mapping on a big wall, where the users throw balls to break down materials.
Perception: mobile augmented reality application inviting users to stroll and scan their environment to discover unpredictable virtual interventions that, between order and chaos, come alive and transform themselves independently. With its geometric animations, the application has seduced the people during the event in their marker quest.
We have worked with the Biborg Lab on the application development and the augmented reality implementation.

ClientBiborgDateMay, 2017ServicesDevelopment, OptimizationsTechnologiesUnity, Vuforia, ShadersCreditsBiborg, Conception and Art Direction