H2O Le Quizz
Trash Ninja Tutorial
Trash Ninja Gameplay
Trash Ninja Results Screen
Mission Assainissement Dashboard
Mission Assainissement Question

Louis Fargue Educational Space

Redesign of an educational space and creation of 3 educational games.
How to raise awareness among a young audience about the challenges of wastewater treatment? This is the challenge of the Louis Fargue Educational Space that we completely redesigned with our partners from RAS Production in collaboration with SABOM. The studio was responsible for developing 3 educational games that were integrated into the visit of the space:

  • H2O Le Quizz: A touchscreen quiz where the player must answer questions of varying difficulty on the topic of wastewater treatment.
  • Trash Ninja: A touchscreen game inspired by the popular game Fruit Ninja, where the player must cut waste that should not go into the sanitation system.
  • Mission Assainissement : An investigation game on a tablet where the player must find clues by scanning augmented reality markers present on the various murals in the educational space.

ClientBordeaux Métropole, VéoliaRelease Date2021ServicesTechnical Direction, Development, and IntegrationTechnologiesUnity, Vuforia, AndroidCreditsRAS Production (Design, Artistic Direction, Project Coordination, Production, and Film Realization)