Painting transposed into a model
Hand to grab the characters
Indicator to replace characters

1,2,3… Bruegel

Experience a famous artistic work from another angle.

1,2,3 … Bruegel offers an immersive playful experience in the mysterious painting Children’s Games, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. A game of hide and seek where you embark on a frantic search for the two hundred children hidden in the city painted by the painter. Here the painting is child’s play in which you interact with the elements of the painting.

The experience has received some awards at several festivals for its quality of production.

ClientLucid RealitiesDateJune, 2019ServicesTechnical support, Development, IntegrationTechnologiesUnity, Oculus, HTC ViveCreditsLucid Realities (Producers), Gordon et Andrés Jarach (Directors), Novelab (3D Artists)
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